Thursday, February 3, 2011

The Enemy of My Enemy is ... My Next Enemy

1941-1945: To oppose the Nazis, the United States allied with the Soviets. (ref. ... the Cold War)

1979-1989: To oppose the Soviets, the United States supported and funded the Mujahideen. (ref. ... emergence of al-Qaeda, 9/11 attacks)

ca. 1986: To oppose the Sandanistas, the United States supported and funded Manuel Noriega. (ref. ... U.S. invasion of Panama.)

1980-1988: To oppose the Islamic Republic of Iran, the United States supported and funded Saddam Hussein. (ref. ... Iraq Wars I and II)

1981-2011: To oppose the Muslim Brotherhood, counter "Islamist" movements elsewhere in the Middle East, and enhance regional stability, the United States supports Hosni Mubarak.(ref. ...  #Jan25, #Jan28, #Feb2 ...)

The enemy of our enemies turns out, more often than not, to become our next enemy.

Perhaps the time has come to rethink this strategy.


  1. Right on. Hopefully the United States is in a better position to break this cycle than it was 70 years ago.

  2. Thought this was provocative, so I reposted at michaelclauser dot com. Following your logic, does this mean that these newly democratized Arab countries are our next enemy?

  3. To wage a war in Afghanistan, American allied itself with Pakistan... Now America is complaining about Pakistani links to the taliban

  4. policy makers don't understand consciousness, nature, attention, or ego ...

    so ... as above