Friday, December 17, 2010

The Coolest Thing Ever, Part I: The Millennial Discontinuity

Check out what happens at roughly the year 2000 in the charts below, created using Google's just released Ngram tool (for description, see this and this):

Hope[red] = Fear [blue] -- 1800-2008

Science [green], Technology [blue], Innovation [red] -- 1800-2008

China [blue] > India [red] > United States [green] -- 1800-2008

Truth [red] > Beauty [blue] > Hatred [green] -- 1800-2008

HT Tom Murphy (@viewfromthecave) for pointing out on the first chart that the the trend reverses at 2000, after I Tweeted this chart:
Hope[red] = Fear [blue] -- 1800-2000
 Initial verdict on Google's Ngram viewer: Coolest thing ever.

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